Four influencers from the four fashion capitals become your style gurus.

Published: January 14, 2024

Modified: March 31, 2024

Paris, Milan, London, and New York have been the four fashion destinations where fashion enthusiasts gather twice a year for many years.

Olivia Palermo, Alex Rivière-Sieber, Alexa Chung, and Jeanne Damas are the girls who know how to incorporate trends into their everyday looks and have become favorites of fashion enthusiasts for years. With numerous collaborations with both major and smaller brands, each one, along with their own labels, has managed to become the darlings of street photographers.

Alex’s minimalism, Jeanne’s French sexy side, Alexa’s effortless coolness, and Olivia’s cosmopolitan character are the ingredients you need to play with fashion and constantly try out new styles and combinations.

These are the four profiles you definitely need to follow!

Olivia Palermo

Alex Rivière-Sieber

Alexa Chung

Jeanne Damas

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