“Kalliope Tersipazoglou is a fashion journalist. She was born and raised in Athens and at about the age of 5 announced to everyone that she would become a journalist and would deliver the news. Only she didn’t specify that her “news bulletin” would include clothes, makeup, beauty treatments, travel, movies, and music. She completed her journalism studies in 2005 while she was already working at Imako Media S.A. At the beginning of her career, she conducted interviews with Greek and foreign celebrities for magazines such as InStyle, Pink Woman, Nitro, Esquire, Real Simple, Down Town, and People. Eventually, she began writing about fashion. Very soon, she became the editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine, continuing to write for almost all the publications of the group until 2011 when she left Imako Media S.A. only to return in 2013 to the same title as Editorial Director until the end of 2018. She also worked as Editor-in-Chief for the website of the Greek department store “attica Department Store”. For the last five years, she has been working as an independent journalist and collaborates with the English digital agency TUSKS Media as a Copywriter & Content Creator.

The Powder Journal is an independent digital fashion magazine. A lifestyle diary where you will read about the fashion women love today but also icons of elegance and sexiness from past decades. You will see (and we will tell you how to easily adopt) the most updated street style looks from around the world. You will learn the content of all those messages that journalists – and not only – exchange among us after midnight about things, advice, and places that start with “Look what I discovered, but don’t tell anyone” (we will only tell you, you can tell wherever you want). You will be informed about dermatological issues by exclusive dermatologist collaborators of Powder and beauty trends that are HOT on Social Media but NOT in real life (maybe 10 cm nails are not very practical when you need to button a tiny earring). Finally, you will listen to customized playlists on our Spotify profile while dressing, relaxing, running, partying (or screaming) alone in the car. The Powder team will surely share all those secrets with you, strictly and ONLY for reasons of entertainment, beauty, and style!”

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