These are the new sneakers that have conquered street style!

Published: December 30, 2023

Modified: January 2, 2024

The Adidas sports shoes have been the favorite sneakers of celebrities and off-duty models for years. Last year, the Adidas Gazelle, worn by model Bella Hadid in various shades, dominated the streets. In the upcoming year, another timeless model from Adidas takes the spotlight – the Spezial!

Their street appearance allows them to effortlessly blend into the majority of your outfits without any discord. In the morning, pair them with your jeans, a slim sweater, and your long coat. Later on, wear them with tights, a mini skirt or shorts, a white shirt, and a short leather jacket! What makes street sneakers like these an essential part of the wardrobe is their ease in replacing various other types of shoes in an outfit. Opt for them instead of ballet flats, boots, or ankle boots, and they will add extra style to your ensemble with an effortless cool vibe.

This year, we singled out the red color, as it adds extra style points with its boldness! Red has become, in recent years, the most daring yet safe choice for accessories, as it has the ability to add color to more earthy ensembles and elevate bolder looks without being too flashy.

Adidas Spezial

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