Palm Royale. The new Apple TV series we all love! Embrace its aesthetic!

Published: March 31, 2024

Modified: March 31, 2024

Our new Apple TV series, with the stylistic excellence of the sixties, cocktails, and the unique character of Palm Beach, is our new fetish.

Vibrant colors, clothing from the legendary decade of the 60s where inspiration overflowed in every creation, sunglasses never in black shade (white or cream were the epitome of modern elegance), tiny gold watches, umbrellas with stripes, and cocktails in colors reminiscent of precious stones.

Music created to be enjoyed exclusively with one (or more) coconut drinks above your head as your sun-kissed skin relaxes in vibrant print caftans, and your hair never lacks volume and endless hairspray.

Kitten heels have their moment, just like airy pleated dresses, and lounges alongside with wicker garden furniture and magnificent artworks, along with impressive fountains, set the scene in front of which unfolds the storyline of the Palm Royale series on Apple TV.

The high society of Palm Beach takes center stage in the series, which is inspired by the 2018 novel ‘Mr. & Mrs. American Pie’ by Juliet McDaniel. And somewhere here, we all wished we had lived in that decade, in this dreamy setting, even if we had the ‘problems’ of the protagonist Maxine Dellacorte Simmons (portrayed by actress Kristen Wiig).

And since artificial intelligence cannot yet contribute to transporting us back in time, we brought the nostalgia of that era here through some choices that will make you the protagonist of this trend (and maybe afterwards you’ll consider spending your summer vacation in Palm Beach instead of where you initially planned)!

Embrace the style

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana




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