Three elements that will dominate this year in a piece from Zara (you definitely want it)!

Published: February 11, 2024

Modified: February 11, 2024

Remember the following elements for the next time you want to go shopping and stay on budget! White, cut outs, blazer, dress, minimal.

Why you want it:

Because it combines all those elements that will help you wear it both in a morning meeting with a black thin blouse underneath to tone it down a bit since it has cut outs that may make it a bit daring for morning professional obligations, while as the day progresses, you can remove the top and simply change shoes, opting for a pair of high heels to leave the office in style to meet your friends for drinks!

What accessories to add:

Earrings for sure! Depending on the shades you’ll be wearing in the rest of your outfit, you can choose gold, silver, or colored ones. Gold and silver add timeless glam, while colored ones make the outfit more modern and playful!

What shoes to pair:

Go bold! All-white shoes matching the dress. Follow the designers’ suggestions who have chosen the total white look for both the winter we’re in and the warmer days to come! Don’t hesitate to wear black sheer tights. The contrast of black and white will make the outfit interesting!


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